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Installation Questions and Answers
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Answers in this category:
(Answer) What is prerequisite for building OpenLDAP software?
(Answer) How do I install OpenLDAP?
(Answer) How do I specify additional compiler include/lib search directories?
(Answer) Is OpenLDAP thread safe?
(Answer) How do I disable use of threads?
(Answer) Are third party thread packages supported?
(Answer) What are the different backends? What are their differences?
(Answer) Which version of BerkeleyDB should I use?
(Answer) Which version of BerkeleyDB do I have?
(Answer) Can I use the version of Berkeley DB that my system came with?
(Answer) How do I select a suitable LDBM backend?
(Answer) How do I force LDBM to use of BerkeleyDB?
(Answer) How do I force LDBM to use of GDBM?
(Answer) Can LDBM use NDBM?
(Answer) What do I do if REGEX is broken on my system?
(Answer) How to build only a LDAP client installation?
(Answer) How do I build and configure dynamic backend modules?
(Answer) How do I NOT use crypt(3) from OpenSSL?
(Answer) FD_SETSIZE is too small, how do I raise it?
(Answer) How do I build OpenLDAP so that it can support a large number of connections?
(Answer) Notes on compiling back-perl
(Answer) Deprecated C API issues
(Answer) How to Install on AIX 5.2 / Berkeley 4.6
(Answer) New Item

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