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Contributions of software documentation is quite welcomed.

The general process for contributing software documentation (Admin Guide, Release Documents, Manual Pages, etc.) is the same as the process for contributing software.

Basically, one create a patch/tarball with an appropriate rights notice and submits it using the OpenLDAP Issue Tracking System:
Patches should be against the documentation source. For the Admin Guide, source (and tools) is available as detailed in:
  (Xref) How can I help update the OpenLDAP Guide?
For manual pages, source is available as detailed in:
  (manual page source is distributed with the software)
The release documents are provided with releases.

JLDAP Documentation is co-located with JLDAP code.

Additionally, the OpenLDAP FAQ is interactive. Submission of new answers is quite welcomed. But, please, only submit answers (submissions of questions without any answer will be deleted).
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