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Well, that depends. It's your job to help us help you. You need to provide enough details so that we might be able to reproduce the problem without drowning us with extraneous information.

Information that is helpful to solving problems:

  • the exact version of OpenLDAP in use (see build/version)
  • platform details (operating system, hardware, etc)
  • configure environment, options, 3rd party libraries used, etc.
  • the full command line that produced the error
  • output from the commands run with debugging on eg.
    ldapsearch -d -1 -x -b 'dc=example,dc=net' '(cn=fre*)'
    slapd -d -1
    (or other, less verbose debugging levels if appropriate; see slapd.conf(5) and slapd(8) for details)
  • for problems in slapd, the relevant portions of the slapd.conf
  • If an application crashes (segfault, bus error, etc.), use a debugger such as gdb to obtain a stack back trace. If no core file is generated, look at ulimit(1) for instructions about how to enable core file generation.

    To report useful information from gdb please:

    • run under gdb the executables that you find in your build tree; the installed ones are likely to be stripped, so they contain no debug info;
    • run the software under gdb by typing
          run [options to program to be debugged]
    • if you are experiencing problems with slapd or slurpd, run them under gdb by adding the debug flag
          run -d 0 [options to program to be debugged]
      so they do not fork and go into background;
    • when the program crashes, type
          bt full
      to obtain a stack backtrace; this is the most useful info you can usually send.
    • usually slapd is compiled with threads enabled. When there is no clear cause for a failure, it may be useful to inspect the stack of all threads. Under gdb, type
          thread apply all bt
      to apply the command to all threads. See gdb's online help and man page for details on other useful commands.

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