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To allow your Internet (DC) style DNs to be located, you must add a DNS RR to your zone. For "dc=example,dc=net" hosted at ldap://ldap.example.net:389, you would add the RR:
  _ldap._tcp.example.net IN SRV 0 0 389 ldap.example.net.
After loading the above, you should then be able to do:
  % ldapsearch -R -b "dc=example,dc=net" -h root.openldap.org "(objectclass=*)"
This should return:
  ldap_search: Partial results and referral received
        additional info: Referral:

To configure with OpenLDAP slapd to redirect clients to this global root server, add the following to your slapd.conf file:

  referral        ldap://root.openldap.org:389

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