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This category provides a catalog of available LDAP software.
(Category) LDAP Browsers/Editors - standalone LDAP clients
(Category) HTTP-to-LDAP gateways - web frontends
(Category) Other LDAP Applications

Answers in this category:

Please note that the OpenLDAP Project does not provide support for programs which are not part of OpenLDAP Software. If you have questions or concerns regarding such programs, you should direct them to an appropriate forum. See the program's documentation for information regarding appropriate forums.

Please note that only questions specific to OpenLDAP Software should be raised on OpenLDAP mailing lists.
See http://www.openldap.org/lists/ for list charters.

General LDAP questions should be directed to the U-Mich General LDAP List (ldap@umich.edu). There is also an LDAP integration list (ldap-interop@fini.net) available. Neither of these lists are operated by the OpenLDAP Project.

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