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OpenLDAP Experimental LDAP Protocol (and other) Items
OpenLDAP Experimental OIDs are assigned to protocol items with an evolving specification (e.g., a work in progress) under development by the OpenLDAP Project. The specification can be revised without assigning a new OID.

No released software should use an OID under this arc.

OIDs under this arc are not intended for private use.

OID arcs under

LDAP Protocol Items:
(Category) .1 (Attribute Types)
(Category) .2 (Syntaxes)
(Category) .3 (Object Classes)
(Category) .4 (Matching Rules)
(Category) .5 (Controls)
(Category) .6 (Extended Operations)
(Category) .7 (Access Control Information)
(Category) .8 (Features)
(Category) .10 (Misc LDAP elements)
(Category) .11 (Self-contained Works in Progress)

(Category) .100 (LDAP C API Controls)

The OpenLDAP OID arc is managed name space.
See also: (Xref) OpenLDAP OID Registry
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