(Answer) (Category) OpenLDAP Faq-O-Matic : (Category) General LDAP FAQ : (Category) Where can I get more information about LDAP? : (Category) Books : (Answer) "Implementing LDAPv3" by Turbo Fredriksson
Started out as a HOWTO on getting OpenLDAP, MIT Kerberos V and Cyrus SASL working together as an authentication+authorization system but later grew into a book.
The book includes sections about all the three mentioned parts, but also
  • a big section on "what is it and what is it good for (sounds like a song, doesn't it :)"
  • OpenAFS
  • OpenSSL
  • OpenSSH
  • Sudo/sudoers
  • Heimdal Kerberos
  • LibPAM/LibNSS with LDAP and Kerberos
  • CVS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Samba
  • Qmail
  • Cyurus IMAP/POP
  • Squid
  • AutoFS
  • Bind9
etc, etc.
The book also have a big section about how to administrate this new setup.
  • How to add, delete and modify LDAP entries and Kerberos principals
  • Maintaining OpenAFS in regards to users, volumes and replicas
  • Setting up access restrictions (both ACL and ACI) for OpenLDAP
  • Access restrictions for Kerberos and AFS
  • How to extend the system with more machines (more LDAP, Kerberos or AFS servers)
  • How to move servers/services

The book also goes into some detail on how to setup and utilize the different backends, overlays and plugins that today come with OpenLDAP.
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