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Mandriva Linux ships OpenLDAP as part of the distribution, as well as shipping nss_ldap, pam_ldap, LDAP administration tools, and generally enabling LDAP support by default in software wherever possible.

OpenLDAP is split into a number of packages on Mandriva, eg:


Users wishing to build applications against OpenLDAP should install the development package, via 'urpmi openldap-devel' or similar, which will pull in the relevant development package (libldap2.3_0-devel in this example).

nss_ldap and pam_ldap are packaged separately

migrationtools provides the PADL migration scripts.

To install the packages necessary to run an LDAP server (and migrat, the user can simply run:

urpmi openldap-servers migrationtools nss_ldap pam_ldap
Wizards are available to do basic LDAP setup, and drakauth can configure clients to authenticate to the LDAP server (although users are encouraged to audit the configuration to understand what has been changed).

TO aid in migrating between OpenLDAP versions, the version of OpenLDAP shipped in the previous Mandriva release is usually packaged as a versioned package, eg 'openldap2.2-servers', although upgrading is intended to do any required data migration (or the user should at least have an ldif extract), but can be disabled if not necessary. Consult the Mandriva-specific sections of the 'openldap-doc' package for more information.

LDAP administration tools available include:

- smbldap-tools
- libuser
- cpu
- luma
- phpldapadmin
- ldapvi

dhcp-server, bind and sudo are built with LDAP support by default. openssh includes the "lpk" patch as a built-time option (rebuild the srpm with '--with ldap').

Support for OpenLDAP packages on Mandriva should be handled by the normal support channels. Bugs should be reported to bgmilne@mandriva.org

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