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Used to represent authorization rules, e.g. for authzTo, authzFrom attributeTypes, and for the idassert-authzFrom configuration parameter of slapd-ldap(5) and slapd-meta(5).

Legal values are:

  • *: any user, excluding anonymous
  • <DN>: a valid DN
  • dn[.{exact|children|subtree|onelevel}]:{*|<DN>}: a valid DN with optional tree scope specification
  • dn.regex:<pattern>: a regex(7) pattern on the DN
  • u[.mech[/realm]]:<ID>: a SASL identity, with optional mechanism and realm
  • group[/<groupClass>[/<memberAttr>]]:<DN>: group membership
  • <URL>: an internal search described by a valid LDAP URL; the scheme must be ldap://; the host[:port], attrs and exts portions must be absent.

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