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Wrox Press, ISBN 1-861002-21-1
This book is intended for programmers and system administrators who need to build LDAP clients and install LDAP servers. It likely will also appeal to that group of experienced Web users who have heard about LDAP but wants a definitive reference on the subject. No prior knowledge of LDAP is assumed as an in-depth discussion of of the fundamentals of LDAP is provided. Client applications are presented in a variety of languages, designed to connect efficiently to an LDAP server and provide the ability to search, retrieve and modify data.

The topics covered in this book include:

  • The reasoning behind a central, open standard protocol and how the major vendors are planning to expose their current proprietary protocols as LDAP servers
  • An introduction to the LDAP protocol and data format
  • How to implement an LDAP server in an organization's setting including how to migrate data from legacy applications into a LDAP server
  • The Netscape LDAP API, including practical coded examples in C, Perl and Java.
  • Coverage of Sun's Java Naming and Directory Interfaces (JNDI), including practical coded examples
  • An introduction to Microsoft's ADSI, including practical coded examples
  • An overview of other LDAP enabled technologies, including PHP, server-side JavaScript and ColdFusion.
  • Advanced functionality including referrals, replication, security and LDAP controls.
  • An LDAP cookbook, which is a collection of general practical examples demonstrating various aspects of LDAP
  • A comprehensive reference section

You can obtain the complete source code that accompanies this book together with a sample chapter from the Wrox Press web site.

Unfortunately this book appears to be out of print and is no longer listed on the Publisher's web page (the copy I have has a 'latest reprinting' of July 2000).
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