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 #! /bin/sh  #! /bin/sh
 # $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/tests/scripts/test000-rootdse,v 1.4 2000/09/13 12:31:22 kurt Exp $  # $OpenLDAP$
 if test $# -eq 0 ; then  if test $# -eq 0 ; then
         SRCDIR="."          SRCDIR="."
Line 21  echo "Cleaning up in $DBDIR..." Line 21  echo "Cleaning up in $DBDIR..."
 rm -f $DBDIR/[!C]*  rm -f $DBDIR/[!C]*
 echo "Starting slapd on TCP/IP port $PORT..."  echo "Starting slapd on TCP/IP port $PORT..."
 PID=$!  PID=$!
 echo "Using ldapsearch to retrieve all the entries..."  echo "Using ldapsearch to retrieve all the entries..."
Line 41  cat $SEARCHOUT Line 41  cat $SEARCHOUT
 if test $RC != 0 ; then  if test $RC != 0 ; then
         echo ">>>>> Test failed"          echo ">>>>> Test failed"
 else  else
         if grep "TLS:" $SEARCHOUT; then          if grep PRNG $SEARCHOUT; then
                 RC=-1              cat << EOF
   You need a pseudo random number generator, such as a /dev/urandom,
   /dev/urandom, or an entropy gathering daemon.  Alternatively, you
   can use openssl to generate a $HOME/.rnd file.
   See www.openssl.org for more details on how to do this.
         else          else
             echo ">>>>> Test succeeded"              echo ">>>>> Test succeeded"
         fi          fi

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