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   # $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/tests/data/slapd-ref-slave.conf,v 2000/06/13 17:57:42 kurt Exp $
 #  #
 # referral slave slapd config -- for referral testing  # slave slapd config -- for default referral testing
   #include                ./data/slapd.at.conf
   #include                ./data/slapd.oc.conf
   include ./schema/core.schema
   include ./schema/cosine.schema
   include ./schema/inetorgperson.schema
 #  #
 include         ./data/slapd.at.conf  
 include         ./data/slapd.oc.conf  
 schemacheck     off  schemacheck     off
 pidfile     ./test-repl/slapd.pid  pidfile     ./test-repl/slapd.pid
 argsfile    ./test-repl/slapd.args  argsfile    ./test-repl/slapd.args
Line 19  suffix  "o=University of Mich, c=US" Line 25  suffix  "o=University of Mich, c=US"
 directory       ./test-repl  directory       ./test-repl
 rootdn          "cn=Manager, o=University of Mich, c=US"  rootdn          "cn=Manager, o=University of Mich, c=US"
 rootpw          secret  rootpw          secret
 index           cn,sn,uid       pres,eq,approx  index           objectClass     eq
 index           default         none  index           cn,sn,uid       pres,eq,sub
 # index         default         pres,eq,approx  
 lastmod         on  lastmod         on

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