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[TXT] README 18 years Sync with head
[TXT] corba.schema 1.2 19 years branches: 1.2.4; Update copyright statements
[TXT] core.schema 18 years sync with HEAD
[TXT] cosine.schema 1.15 19 years branches: 1.15.4; Add collective attribute system schema support.
[TXT] inetorgperson.schema 1.14 19 years branches: 1.14.4; Misc I-D updates Misc schema updates
[TXT] java.schema 1.3 19 years branches: 1.3.4; Update copyright statements
[TXT] misc.schema 1.23 19 years branches: 1.23.2; Clarify comment.
[TXT] nis.schema 1.8 19 years branches: 1.8.4; add 'objectIdentifier' to openldap.schema ONLY (other schema s...
[TXT] openldap.schema 1.17 19 years branches: 1.17.4; add 'objectIdentifier' to openldap.schema ONLY (other schema ...

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