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Current directory: [OpenLDAP] / servers / slapd / back-dnssrv

Current tag: OPENLDAP_AC_BP

File Rev. Age Last log entry
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[TXT] 1.13 18 years Happy New Year!
[TXT] compare.c 1.17 18 years Happy New Year!
[TXT] config.c 1.15 18 years allow to glue local databases under dnssrv
[TXT] referral.c 1.25 18 years cleanup
[TXT] init.c 1.28 18 years hide changes behind specific #ifdef, conditioned by LDAP_DEBUG; always allow acc...
[TXT] search.c 1.43 18 years more attr_merge cleanup (please check)
[TXT] proto-dnssrv.h 1.4 18 years need to catch the '' base in search as well; selected cleanup and improvements
[TXT] bind.c 1.21 18 years save a malloc; some more cleanup

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