Diff for /include/slapi-plugin.h between versions 1.37 and 1.51

version 1.37, 2004/08/26 03:30:49 version 1.51, 2006/01/03 22:12:06
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 /* $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/include/slapi-plugin.h,v 1.36 2004/08/25 13:18:56 lukeh Exp $ */  /* $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/include/slapi-plugin.h,v 1.50 2005/08/17 05:12:51 lukeh Exp $ */
 /* This work is part of OpenLDAP Software <http://www.openldap.org/>.  /* This work is part of OpenLDAP Software <http://www.openldap.org/>.
  *   *
  * Copyright 1998-2004 The OpenLDAP Foundation.   * Copyright 1998-2006 The OpenLDAP Foundation.
  * Portions Copyright 1997,2002,2003 IBM Corporation.   * Portions Copyright 1997,2002,2003 IBM Corporation.
  * All rights reserved.   * All rights reserved.
  *   *
Line 40  typedef struct slapi_mod  Slapi_Mod; Line 40  typedef struct slapi_mod  Slapi_Mod;
 typedef struct slapi_mods               Slapi_Mods;  typedef struct slapi_mods               Slapi_Mods;
 typedef struct slapi_componentid        Slapi_ComponentId;  typedef struct slapi_componentid        Slapi_ComponentId;
   #define SLAPI_ATTR_UNIQUEID     "entryUUID"
   #define SLAPI_ATTR_OBJECTCLASS  "objectClass"
 /* pblock routines */  /* pblock routines */
 int slapi_pblock_get( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int arg, void *value );  int slapi_pblock_get( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int arg, void *value );
 int slapi_pblock_set( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int arg, void *value );  int slapi_pblock_set( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int arg, void *value );
Line 76  char *slapi_dn_normalize( char *dn ); Line 79  char *slapi_dn_normalize( char *dn );
 char *slapi_dn_normalize_case( char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_normalize_case( char *dn );
 int slapi_dn_issuffix( char *dn, char *suffix );  int slapi_dn_issuffix( char *dn, char *suffix );
 char *slapi_dn_beparent( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_beparent( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn );
   int slapi_dn_isbesuffix( Slapi_PBlock *pb, char *dn );
 char *slapi_dn_parent( const char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_parent( const char *dn );
 int slapi_dn_isparent( const char *parentdn, const char *childdn );  int slapi_dn_isparent( const char *parentdn, const char *childdn );
 char *slapi_dn_ignore_case( char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_ignore_case( char *dn );
Line 141  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_value(const Line 145  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_value(const
 Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_string(const char *s);  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_string(const char *s);
 Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init(Slapi_Value *v);  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init(Slapi_Value *v);
 Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init_berval(Slapi_Value *v, struct berval *bval);  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init_berval(Slapi_Value *v, struct berval *bval);
 Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init_string(Slapi_Value *v,const char *s);  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init_string(Slapi_Value *v, const char *s);
 Slapi_Value *slapi_value_dup(const Slapi_Value *v);  Slapi_Value *slapi_value_dup(const Slapi_Value *v);
 void slapi_value_free(Slapi_Value **value);  void slapi_value_free(Slapi_Value **value);
 const struct berval *slapi_value_get_berval( const Slapi_Value *value );  const struct berval *slapi_value_get_berval( const Slapi_Value *value );
Line 156  unsigned int slapi_value_get_uint(const Line 160  unsigned int slapi_value_get_uint(const
 long slapi_value_get_long(const Slapi_Value *value);   long slapi_value_get_long(const Slapi_Value *value); 
 unsigned long slapi_value_get_ulong(const Slapi_Value *value);   unsigned long slapi_value_get_ulong(const Slapi_Value *value); 
 size_t slapi_value_get_length(const Slapi_Value *value);  size_t slapi_value_get_length(const Slapi_Value *value);
 int slapi_value_compare(const Slapi_Attr *a,const Slapi_Value *v1,const Slapi_Value *v2);  int slapi_value_compare(const Slapi_Attr *a, const Slapi_Value *v1, const Slapi_Value *v2);
 Slapi_ValueSet *slapi_valueset_new( void );  Slapi_ValueSet *slapi_valueset_new( void );
 void slapi_valueset_free(Slapi_ValueSet *vs);  void slapi_valueset_free(Slapi_ValueSet *vs);
Line 168  int slapi_valueset_next_value( Slapi_Val Line 172  int slapi_valueset_next_value( Slapi_Val
 int slapi_valueset_count( const Slapi_ValueSet *vs);  int slapi_valueset_count( const Slapi_ValueSet *vs);
 void slapi_valueset_set_valueset(Slapi_ValueSet *vs1, const Slapi_ValueSet *vs2);  void slapi_valueset_set_valueset(Slapi_ValueSet *vs1, const Slapi_ValueSet *vs2);
   /* DNs */
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new( void );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_dn_byval( const char *dn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_ndn_byval( const char *ndn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_dn_byref( const char *dn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_ndn_byref( const char *ndn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_dn_passin( const char *dn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_dn_byval( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *dn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_dn_byref( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *dn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_dn_passin( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *dn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_ndn_byval( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *ndn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_ndn_byref( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *ndn );
   void slapi_sdn_done( Slapi_DN *sdn );
   void slapi_sdn_free( Slapi_DN **sdn );
   const char * slapi_sdn_get_dn( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   const char * slapi_sdn_get_ndn( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   void slapi_sdn_get_parent( const Slapi_DN *sdn,Slapi_DN *sdn_parent );
   void slapi_sdn_get_backend_parent( const Slapi_DN *sdn, Slapi_DN *sdn_parent, const Slapi_Backend *backend );
   Slapi_DN * slapi_sdn_dup( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   void slapi_sdn_copy( const Slapi_DN *from, Slapi_DN *to );
   int slapi_sdn_compare( const Slapi_DN *sdn1, const Slapi_DN *sdn2 );
   int slapi_sdn_isempty( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   int slapi_sdn_issuffix(const Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_DN *suffixsdn );
   int slapi_sdn_isparent( const Slapi_DN *parent, const Slapi_DN *child );
   int slapi_sdn_isgrandparent( const Slapi_DN *parent, const Slapi_DN *child );
   int slapi_sdn_get_ndn_len( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   int slapi_sdn_scope_test( const Slapi_DN *dn, const Slapi_DN *base, int scope );
   void slapi_sdn_get_rdn( const Slapi_DN *sdn,Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_rdn( Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_parent( Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_DN *parentdn );
   int slapi_sdn_is_rdn_component( const Slapi_DN *rdn, const Slapi_Attr *a, const Slapi_Value *v );
   char * slapi_moddn_get_newdn( Slapi_DN *dn_olddn, char *newrdn, char *newsuperiordn );
   /* RDNs */
   Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new( void );
   Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new_dn( const char *dn );
   Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new_sdn( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new_rdn( const Slapi_RDN *fromrdn ); 
   void slapi_rdn_init( Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   void slapi_rdn_init_dn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *dn );
   void slapi_rdn_init_sdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   void slapi_rdn_init_rdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_RDN *fromrdn ); 
   void slapi_rdn_set_dn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *dn );
   void slapi_rdn_set_sdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_DN *sdn );
   void slapi_rdn_set_rdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_RDN *fromrdn );
   void slapi_rdn_free( Slapi_RDN **rdn );
   void slapi_rdn_done( Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   int slapi_rdn_get_first( Slapi_RDN *rdn, char **type, char **value );
   int slapi_rdn_get_next( Slapi_RDN *rdn, int index, char **type, char **value );
   int slapi_rdn_get_index( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value, size_t length );
   int slapi_rdn_get_index_attr( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, char **value );
   int slapi_rdn_contains( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value,size_t length );
   int slapi_rdn_contains_attr( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, char **value );
   int slapi_rdn_add( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value );
   int slapi_rdn_remove_index( Slapi_RDN *rdn, int atindex );
   int slapi_rdn_remove( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value, size_t length );
   int slapi_rdn_remove_attr( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type );
   int slapi_rdn_isempty( const Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   int slapi_rdn_get_num_components( Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   int slapi_rdn_compare( Slapi_RDN *rdn1, Slapi_RDN *rdn2 );
   const char *slapi_rdn_get_rdn( const Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   const char *slapi_rdn_get_nrdn( const Slapi_RDN *rdn );
   Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_add_rdn( Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_RDN *rdn );
 /* locks and synchronization */  /* locks and synchronization */
 typedef struct slapi_mutex      Slapi_Mutex;  typedef struct slapi_mutex      Slapi_Mutex;
 typedef struct slapi_condvar    Slapi_CondVar;  typedef struct slapi_condvar    Slapi_CondVar;
Line 189  void slapi_ch_free( void **ptr ); Line 257  void slapi_ch_free( void **ptr );
 void slapi_ch_free_string( char **ptr );  void slapi_ch_free_string( char **ptr );
 char *slapi_ch_calloc( unsigned long nelem, unsigned long size );  char *slapi_ch_calloc( unsigned long nelem, unsigned long size );
 char *slapi_ch_realloc( char *block, unsigned long size );  char *slapi_ch_realloc( char *block, unsigned long size );
 char *slapi_ch_strdup( char *s );  char *slapi_ch_strdup( const char *s );
 void slapi_ch_array_free( char **arrayp );  void slapi_ch_array_free( char **arrayp );
 struct berval *slapi_ch_bvdup(const struct berval *v);  struct berval *slapi_ch_bvdup(const struct berval *v);
 struct berval **slapi_ch_bvecdup(const struct berval **v);  struct berval **slapi_ch_bvecdup(const struct berval **v);
Line 218  void slapi_register_supported_saslmechan Line 286  void slapi_register_supported_saslmechan
 char **slapi_get_supported_saslmechanisms();  char **slapi_get_supported_saslmechanisms();
 char **slapi_get_supported_extended_ops(void);  char **slapi_get_supported_extended_ops(void);
   /* operation */
   int slapi_op_abandoned( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   unsigned long slapi_op_get_type(Slapi_Operation * op);
   void slapi_operation_set_flag(Slapi_Operation *op, unsigned long flag);
   void slapi_operation_clear_flag(Slapi_Operation *op, unsigned long flag);
   int slapi_operation_is_flag_set(Slapi_Operation *op, unsigned long flag);
   char *slapi_op_type_to_string(unsigned long type);
 /* send ldap result back */  /* send ldap result back */
 void slapi_send_ldap_result( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int err, char *matched,  void slapi_send_ldap_result( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int err, char *matched,
Line 236  int slapi_filter_get_ava( Slapi_Filter * Line 311  int slapi_filter_get_ava( Slapi_Filter *
 Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_first( Slapi_Filter *f );  Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_first( Slapi_Filter *f );
 Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_next( Slapi_Filter *f, Slapi_Filter *fprev );  Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_next( Slapi_Filter *f, Slapi_Filter *fprev );
 int slapi_filter_get_attribute_type( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type );   int slapi_filter_get_attribute_type( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type ); 
   int slapi_x_filter_set_attribute_type( Slapi_Filter *f, const char *type );
 int slapi_filter_get_subfilt( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type, char **initial,  int slapi_filter_get_subfilt( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type, char **initial,
         char ***any, char **final );          char ***any, char **final );
 Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_join( int ftype, Slapi_Filter *f1, Slapi_Filter *f2);  Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_join( int ftype, Slapi_Filter *f1, Slapi_Filter *f2);
Line 266  Slapi_PBlock *slapi_delete_internal( cha Line 342  Slapi_PBlock *slapi_delete_internal( cha
 Slapi_PBlock *slapi_modrdn_internal( char * olddn, char * newrdn,  Slapi_PBlock *slapi_modrdn_internal( char * olddn, char * newrdn,
         int deloldrdn, LDAPControl **controls,          int deloldrdn, LDAPControl **controls,
         int log_change );          int log_change );
 #if 0  Slapi_PBlock *slapi_rename_internal( const char * olddn, const char *newrdn,
 Slapi_PBlock *slapi_modrdn_internal( char * olddn, char * newrdn,          const char *newsuperior, int delolrdn,
         char *newParent, int deloldrdn, LDAPControl **controls,          LDAPControl **controls, int log_change );
         int log_change );  
 void slapi_free_search_results_internal(Slapi_PBlock *pb);  void slapi_free_search_results_internal(Slapi_PBlock *pb);
   /* new internal add/delete/search/modify routines */
   typedef void (*plugin_result_callback)( int rc, void *callback_data );
   typedef int (*plugin_referral_entry_callback)( char * referral,
           void *callback_data );
   typedef int (*plugin_search_entry_callback)( Slapi_Entry *e,
           void *callback_data );
   void slapi_free_search_results_internal( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   #define SLAPI_OP_FLAG_NEVER_CHAIN       0x0800
   int slapi_search_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   int slapi_search_internal_callback_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, void *callback_data,
           plugin_result_callback prc, plugin_search_entry_callback psec,
           plugin_referral_entry_callback prec );
   int slapi_add_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   int slapi_modify_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   int slapi_modrdn_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   int slapi_delete_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb );
   int slapi_seq_internal_callback_pb(Slapi_PBlock *pb, void *callback_data,
           plugin_result_callback res_callback,
           plugin_search_entry_callback srch_callback,
           plugin_referral_entry_callback ref_callback);
   void slapi_search_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *base,
           int scope, const char *filter, char **attrs, int attrsonly,
           LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid,
           Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags );
   void slapi_add_entry_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e,
           LDAPControl **controls, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity,
           int operation_flags );
   int slapi_add_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn,
           LDAPMod **attrs, LDAPControl **controls,
           Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags );
   void slapi_modify_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn,
           LDAPMod **mods, LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid,
           Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags );
   void slapi_rename_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *olddn,
           const char *newrdn, const char *newsuperior, int deloldrdn,
           LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid,
           Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags );
   void slapi_delete_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn,
           LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid,
           Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags );
   void slapi_seq_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, char *ibase, int type,
           char *attrname, char *val, char **attrs, int attrsonly,
           LDAPControl **controls, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity,
           int operation_flags );
 /* connection related routines */  /* connection related routines */
 int slapi_is_connection_ssl(Slapi_PBlock *pPB, int *isSSL);  int slapi_is_connection_ssl(Slapi_PBlock *pPB, int *isSSL);
 int slapi_get_client_port(Slapi_PBlock *pPB, int *fromPort);  int slapi_get_client_port(Slapi_PBlock *pPB, int *fromPort);
Line 288  int compute_rewrite_search_filter(Slapi_ Line 411  int compute_rewrite_search_filter(Slapi_
 int compute_evaluator(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn);  int compute_evaluator(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn);
 int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb);  int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb);
   /* backend routines */
   void slapi_be_set_readonly( Slapi_Backend *be, int readonly );
   int slapi_be_get_readonly( Slapi_Backend *be );
   const char *slapi_x_be_get_updatedn( Slapi_Backend *be );
   Slapi_Backend *slapi_be_select( const Slapi_DN *sdn );
 /* ACL plugins; only SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_ALLOW_ACCESS supported now */  /* ACL plugins; only SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_ALLOW_ACCESS supported now */
 typedef int (*slapi_acl_callback_t)(Slapi_PBlock *pb,  typedef int (*slapi_acl_callback_t)(Slapi_PBlock *pb,
         Slapi_Entry *e,          Slapi_Entry *e,
Line 317  void *slapi_get_object_extension(int obj Line 446  void *slapi_get_object_extension(int obj
 void slapi_set_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object,  void slapi_set_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object,
         int extensionhandle, void *extension);          int extensionhandle, void *extension);
   int slapi_x_backend_get_flags( const Slapi_Backend *be, unsigned long *flags );
 /* parameters currently supported */  /* parameters currently supported */
 /*  /*
Line 331  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 462  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_NOUSERMOD       0x0100  #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_NOUSERMOD       0x0100
 /*  /*
    * Backend flags returned by slapi_x_backend_get_flags()
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_NOLASTMOD            0x0001U
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLUE_INSTANCE        0x0010U /* a glue backend */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLUE_SUBORDINATE     0x0020U /* child of a glue hierarchy */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLUE_LINKED          0x0040U /* child is connected to parent */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_OVERLAY              0x0080U /* this db struct is an overlay */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLOBAL_OVERLAY       0x0100U /* this db struct is a global overlay */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_SHADOW               0x8000U /* a shadow */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_SYNC_SHADOW          0x1000U /* a sync shadow */
   #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_SLURP_SHADOW         0x2000U /* a slurp shadow */
  * ACL levels   * ACL levels
  */   */
 #define SLAPI_ACL_COMPARE       0x01  #define SLAPI_ACL_COMPARE       0x01
Line 368  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 513  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 /* operation params */  /* operation params */
 #define SLAPI_OPINITIATED_TIME                  140  #define SLAPI_OPINITIATED_TIME                  140
 #define SLAPI_REQUESTOR_DN                      141  #define SLAPI_REQUESTOR_DN                      141
 #define SLAPI_REQUESTOR_ISUPDATEDN              142  #define SLAPI_IS_REPLICATED_OPERATION           142
 /* connection  structure params*/  /* connection  structure params*/
 #define SLAPI_CONN_DN                           143  #define SLAPI_CONN_DN                           143
Line 381  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 527  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_IS_UDP                     1302  #define SLAPI_X_CONN_IS_UDP                     1302
 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SSF                        1303  #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SSF                        1303
 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SASL_CONTEXT               1304  #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SASL_CONTEXT               1304
   #define SLAPI_X_MANAGEDIT                       1306
   #define SLAPI_X_ADD_STRUCTURAL_CLASS            1308
 /*  Authentication types */  /*  Authentication types */
 #define SLAPD_AUTH_NONE   "none"  #define SLAPD_AUTH_NONE   "none"
Line 399  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 549  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_OBJECT                     10  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_OBJECT                     10
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESTROY_FN                 11  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESTROY_FN                 11
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION                12  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION                12
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_IDENTITY                   13
 /* internal opreations params */  /* internal opreations params */
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_RESULT               15  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_RESULT               15
   /* transaction arguments */
   #define SLAPI_PARENT_TXN                        190
   #define SLAPI_TXN                               191
 /* function pointer params for backends */  /* function pointer params for backends */
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_BIND_FN                 200  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_BIND_FN                 200
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_UNBIND_FN               201  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_UNBIND_FN               201
Line 440  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 595  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXT_OP_FN                  300  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXT_OP_FN                  300
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXT_OP_OIDLIST             301  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXT_OP_OIDLIST             301
 /* functions for preoperation functions */  /* preoperation */
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_BIND_FN                401  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_BIND_FN                401
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_UNBIND_FN              402  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_UNBIND_FN              402
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_SEARCH_FN              403  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_SEARCH_FN              403
Line 454  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 609  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_REFERRAL_FN            411  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_REFERRAL_FN            411
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_RESULT_FN              412  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_RESULT_FN              412
 /*  functions for postoperation functions*/  /* internal preoperation */
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_PRE_ADD_FN        420
   /* backend preoperation */
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_ADD_FN              450
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_MODIFY_FN           451
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_MODRDN_FN           452
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_DELETE_FN           453
   /* postoperation */
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_BIND_FN               501  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_BIND_FN               501
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_UNBIND_FN             502  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_UNBIND_FN             502
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_SEARCH_FN             503  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_SEARCH_FN             503
Line 468  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 635  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_REFERRAL_FN           511  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_REFERRAL_FN           511
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_RESULT_FN             512  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_RESULT_FN             512
   /* internal postoperation */
   /* backend postoperation */
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_ADD_FN             550
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_MODIFY_FN          551
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_MODRDN_FN          552
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_DELETE_FN          553
 #define SLAPI_OPERATION_TYPE                    590  #define SLAPI_OPERATION_TYPE                    590
Line 552  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 731  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_CONFIG_ARGV                       43  #define SLAPI_CONFIG_ARGV                       43
 /*  operational params */  /*  operational params */
   #define SLAPI_TARGET_ADDRESS                    48
   #define SLAPI_TARGET_UNIQUEID                   49
 #define SLAPI_TARGET_DN                         50  #define SLAPI_TARGET_DN                         50
 #define SLAPI_REQCONTROLS                       51  
 /* server LDAPv3 controls  */  /* server LDAPv3 controls  */
   #define SLAPI_REQCONTROLS                       51
 #define SLAPI_RESCONTROLS                       55  #define SLAPI_RESCONTROLS                       55
 #define SLAPI_ADD_RESCONTROL                    56        #define SLAPI_ADD_RESCONTROL                    56      
   #define SLAPI_CONTROLS_ARG                      58
 /* add params */  /* add params */
 #define SLAPI_ADD_TARGET                        SLAPI_TARGET_DN  #define SLAPI_ADD_TARGET                        SLAPI_TARGET_DN
 #define SLAPI_ADD_ENTRY                         60  #define SLAPI_ADD_ENTRY                         60
   #define SLAPI_ADD_EXISTING_DN_ENTRY             61
   #define SLAPI_ADD_PARENT_ENTRY                  62
   #define SLAPI_ADD_PARENT_UNIQUEID               63
 /* bind params */  /* bind params */
 #define SLAPI_BIND_TARGET                       SLAPI_TARGET_DN  #define SLAPI_BIND_TARGET                       SLAPI_TARGET_DN
Line 577  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 763  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 /* delete params */  /* delete params */
 #define SLAPI_DELETE_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN  #define SLAPI_DELETE_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN
 /* modify params */  /* modify params */
 #define SLAPI_MODIFY_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN  #define SLAPI_MODIFY_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN
 #define SLAPI_MODIFY_MODS                       90  #define SLAPI_MODIFY_MODS                       90
 /* modrdn params */  /* modrdn params */
 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN  #define SLAPI_MODRDN_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN
 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWRDN                     100  #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWRDN                     100
 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_DELOLDRDN                  101  #define SLAPI_MODRDN_DELOLDRDN                  101
 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWSUPERIOR                102     /* v3 only */  #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWSUPERIOR                102     /* v3 only */
   #define SLAPI_MODRDN_PARENT_ENTRY               104
   #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWPARENT_ENTRY            105
   #define SLAPI_MODRDN_TARGET_ENTRY               106
 /* search params */  /* search params */
 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN  #define SLAPI_SEARCH_TARGET                     SLAPI_TARGET_DN
Line 614  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje Line 807  void slapi_set_object_extension(int obje
 #define SLAPI_FAIL_DISKFULL             -2  #define SLAPI_FAIL_DISKFULL             -2
 #define SLAPI_FAIL_GENERAL              -1  #define SLAPI_FAIL_GENERAL              -1
 #define SLAPI_BIND_SUCCESS              0  #define SLAPI_BIND_SUCCESS              0
 #define SLAPI_BIND_FAIL                 2  #define SLAPI_BIND_FAIL                 2
 #define SLAPI_BIND_ANONYMOUS            3  #define SLAPI_BIND_ANONYMOUS            3

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