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 /*  /* $OpenLDAP$ */
  * Copyright 1998-2003 The OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved.  /* This work is part of OpenLDAP Software <http://www.openldap.org/>.
  */   * Copyright 1998-2003 The OpenLDAP Foundation.
 /*   * Portions Copyright 1997,2002,2003 IBM Corporation.
  * (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1997,2002   * All rights reserved.
  * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted   *
  * provided that this notice is preserved and that due credit is   * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
  * given to IBM Corporation. This software is provided ``as is''   * modification, are permitted only as authorized by the OpenLDAP
  * without express or implied warranty.   * Public License.
    * A copy of this license is available in file LICENSE in the
    * top-level directory of the distribution or, alternatively, at
    * <http://www.OpenLDAP.org/license.html>.
  */   */
 #ifndef _SLAPI_PLUGIN_H  #ifndef _SLAPI_PLUGIN_H
Line 49  int slapi_attr_get_values( Slapi_Attr *a Line 53  int slapi_attr_get_values( Slapi_Attr *a
 char *slapi_dn_normalize( char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_normalize( char *dn );
 char *slapi_dn_normalize_case( char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_normalize_case( char *dn );
 int slapi_dn_issuffix( char *dn, char *suffix );  int slapi_dn_issuffix( char *dn, char *suffix );
   char *slapi_dn_beparent( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn );
   char *slapi_dn_parent( const char *dn );
   int slapi_dn_isparent( const char *parentdn, const char *childdn );
 char *slapi_dn_ignore_case( char *dn );  char *slapi_dn_ignore_case( char *dn );
 /* DS 5.x SLAPI */  /* DS 5.x SLAPI */
Line 181  void slapi_send_ldap_result( Slapi_PBloc Line 188  void slapi_send_ldap_result( Slapi_PBloc
         char *text, int nentries, struct berval **urls );          char *text, int nentries, struct berval **urls );
 int slapi_send_ldap_search_entry( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e,  int slapi_send_ldap_search_entry( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e,
         LDAPControl **ectrls, char **attrs, int attrsonly );          LDAPControl **ectrls, char **attrs, int attrsonly );
   int slapi_send_ldap_search_reference( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e,
           struct berval **urls, LDAPControl **ectrls, struct berval **v2refs );
 /* filter routines */  /* filter routines */
 Slapi_Filter *slapi_str2filter( char *str );  Slapi_Filter *slapi_str2filter( char *str );
Line 243  int compute_rewrite_search_filter(Slapi_ Line 252  int compute_rewrite_search_filter(Slapi_
 int compute_evaluator(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn);  int compute_evaluator(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn);
 int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb);  int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb);
   /* ACL plugins; only SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_ALLOW_ACCESS supported now */
   typedef int (*slapi_acl_callback_t)(Slapi_PBlock *pb,
           Slapi_Entry *e,
           const char *attr,
           struct berval *berval,
           int access,
           void *state);
   /* object extensions */
   typedef void *(*slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr)(void *object, void *parent);
   typedef void (*slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr)(void *extension,
           void *object, void *parent);
   int slapi_register_object_extension( const char *pluginname,
           const char *objectname, slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr constructor,
           slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr destructor, int *objecttype,
           int *extensionhandle);
   #define SLAPI_EXT_CONNECTION    "Connection"
   #define SLAPI_EXT_OPERATION     "Operation"
   #define SLAPI_EXT_ENTRY         "Entry"
   #define SLAPI_EXT_MTNODE        "Mapping Tree Node"
   void *slapi_get_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object,
           int extensionhandle);
   void slapi_set_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object,
           int extensionhandle, void *extension);
 /* parameters currently supported */  /* parameters currently supported */
 /*  /*
Line 305  int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_ Line 343  int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_
 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_CLIENTPATH                 1300  #define SLAPI_X_CONN_CLIENTPATH                 1300
 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SERVERPATH                 1301  #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SERVERPATH                 1301
 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_IS_UDP                     1302  #define SLAPI_X_CONN_IS_UDP                     1302
   #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SSF                        1303
   #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SASL_CONTEXT               1304
 /*  Authentication types */  /*  Authentication types */
 #define SLAPD_AUTH_NONE   "none"  #define SLAPD_AUTH_NONE   "none"
Line 438  int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_ Line 478  int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAG_ORKEYS                 1  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAG_ORKEYS                 1
 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAG_ORDERING               2  #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAG_ORDERING               2
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_INIT                   730
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_SYNTAX_CHECK           731
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_ALLOW_ACCESS           732
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_MODS_ALLOWED           733
   #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_MODS_UPDATE            734
 #define SLAPI_OPERATION_AUTHTYPE                741  #define SLAPI_OPERATION_AUTHTYPE                741
 #define SLAPI_OPERATION_ID                      742  #define SLAPI_OPERATION_ID                      742
 #define SLAPI_CONN_CERT                         743  #define SLAPI_CONN_CERT                         743

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