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Line 9  INSTALLDIRS= doc Line 9  INSTALLDIRS= doc
 makefiles:      FORCE  makefiles:      FORCE
         ./config.status          ./config.status
 configure: configure.in aclocal.m4  ${srcdir}/configure: configure.in aclocal.m4
         autoconf          cd ${srcdir} && autoconf
 # autoheader might not change config.h.in, so touch a stamp file  # autoheader might not change portable.h.in, so touch a stamp file
 ${srcdir}/include/portable.h.in:        stamp-h.in  ${srcdir}/include/portable.h.in:        stamp-h.in
 ${srcdir}/stamp-h.in: configure.in aclocal.m4 acconfig.h  ${srcdir}/stamp-h.in: configure.in aclocal.m4 acconfig.h \
           ${srcdir}/include/portable.h.top ${srcdir}/include/portable.h.bot       
         cd ${srcdir} && autoheader          cd ${srcdir} && autoheader
         @echo timestamp > ${srcdir}/stamp-h.in          @echo timestamp > ${srcdir}/stamp-h.in
 config.h: stamp-h  ./include/portable.h: stamp-h
 stamp-h: config.h.in config.status  stamp-h: config.h.in config.status
         ./config.status          ./config.status
   Makefile: Makefile.in config.status
 config.status: configure  config.status: configure
         ./config.status --recheck          ./config.status --recheck
   # force a make all before make install
   #       only done at the top-level
   install-common: all FORCE
   clean-local: FORCE
           $(RM) config.log
   veryclean-local: FORCE
           $(RM) config.cache config.status libtool stamp-h stamp-h.in

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