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This is a WWW interface to a mirror of the now historic OpenLDAP CVS Repository. Use of CVS, and hence this interface, has been deprecated in favor of Git repositories and its WWW interface.

You can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories (which have slashes after them, e.g. include/). If you pick a file, you will see the revision history for that file. Selecting a revision number will download that revision of the file. There is a link at each revision to display diffs between that revision and the previous one, and a form at the bottom of the page that allows you to display diffs between arbitrary revisions.

File Rev. Age Last log entry
[DIR] Attic/ [show]      
[DIR] build/      
[DIR] clients/      
[DIR] contrib/      
[DIR] doc/      
[DIR] include/      
[DIR] libraries/      
[DIR] servers/      
[DIR] tests/      
[TXT] COPYRIGHT 1.7 24 years branches: 1.7.8; Add 1999 to COPYRIGHT.
[TXT] INSTALL 23 years Suck in all changes made on HEAD branch since branching.
[TXT] LICENSE 1.11 23 years branches: 1.11.8; UPDATED LICENSE!
[TXT] 1.12 24 years Remove # contrib from SUBDIRS
[TXT] README 1.24 23 years Remove meantion of ldapd from main README, add README in servers/ldapd stating l...
[TXT] aclocal.m4 1.8 24 years Add 1999 to acinclude and rebuild configure. (really a test).
[TXT] configure 23 years Import STDC comment change from -devel.
[TXT] 23 years Import STDC comment change from -devel.

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