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Re: python-ldap validate LDAPObject.modify_ext_s

On 07/27/2018 10:40 AM, Sam Culley wrote:
I am trying to research how I can validate/verify executing an LDAPObject.modify_ext_s request in Python.

If I print the response of the result it returns

(103, [], 3, [])

But I can't find much documentation on what that means?

If something goes wrong with add or modify operations, python-ldap will raise exception. No need to check the method's result.

This is a python-ldap question and therefore might be considered rather off-topic here. Even though python-ldap uses OpenLDAP's libldap it's not something published by the OpenLDAP project.

python-ldap has its own low-traffic mailing list where you can ask questions about python-ldap:


Ciao, Michael.

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