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back-ldap redirect RootDSE? RWM re-encode attributes?

I am trying to use OpenLDAP slapd to proxy to multiple LDAP servers but run into some issues with how the LDAP client application is written.  I wondered if anyone has any suggestions for doing either of the following with slapd:

(1) Can the back-ldap suffix override the RootDSE of the OpenLDAP server so that all RootDSE requests get proxied?

(2) Is there a way with the RWM or a different overlay to convert specific attributes to hex or MIME before passing it back to the LDAP client?  For example, if an attribute is given to back-ldap as a BLOB, can it convert the BLOB to hex before passing it along?

It would be nice to have the option to do both of the above but for my current situation being able to do just one or the other would work.