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Re: Fixing slapo-nops (ITS#8759)

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

Following ITS#8759, I am looking for ideas about how to fix slapo-nops.

This overlays suppress nilpotent operations that replace an attribute
values by the same values.  The code is in

The problem is that slapo-nops assumes it can free the nilpotent struct
Modifications after removing them from the list, but for instande
slapo-memberof uses struct Modifications allocated on the stack.

Not freeing in slapo-nops is not a fix, since unlinked struct
Modifications will not be freed anywhere else, and we will get a memory

Would it make sense to add a SLAP_MOD_ONSTACK flag in struct
Modification's sm_flags so that we can tell the difference? Any other

That sounds reasonable, sure.

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