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role based authorization -> dynacl module?

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of implementing a role concept via ACLs and hope for
a hint so that I don't invent the wheel a second time.

Specifically, it is about identity management for schools. A user
(object) can have several roles in multiple schools. Permissions on
other LDAP objects can thus differ depending on the role(s) the user and
the object have in the same school(s).

For example, a user could have been assigned the following roles that
are scattered over several schools:
→ "Teacher" in school 1
→ "School admin" in school 2
→ "Parent" in school 3
→ both "Teacher" and "Staff" in school 4

ACLs should now be defined accordingly, e.g.
→ the role "teacher" at school X can reset the password for the role
"student" at school X
→ the role "teacher" at school X *cannot* reset the password for the
role "student" of school Y
→ the role "school administrator" at school X can reset the password for
the roles "student" and "teacher" at school X
→ ...

So far I have not seen any way to map such a construct via groups or
sets without including a separate ACL for each group, which is a
performance issue.
Is there another way to map the role concept besides implementing an own
 dynacl module?