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Re: openldap replication and server redirect

Real, Elizabeth (392K) wrote:
> This maybe a networking issue rather than configuration but I thought
> I’d run it by you guys to see if this can work. For replication, does
> ldap care whether I use a server redirect on the /etc/hosts file rather
> than the actual FQDN or IP address?

I'm not sure what you mean with "redirect".

AFAIK OpenLDAP simply uses what's configured on your operating system to
map a hostname to an IP address.

If you're on Linux then have a look at file /etc/nsswitch.conf.
Usually it contains such a line:

hosts:          files dns

This means the hostname is first looked up in /etc/hosts and after that
DNS is queried.

You can find out whether names get correctly resolved by using ping.
Even if the firewall blocks the ICMP network traffic it displays whether
it finds the IP address.

Ciao, Michael.

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