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syncrepl error (53) with 3-way delta-mmr (consumer state is newer than provider)


We have a 3-way delta-mmr syncrepl setup (Debian Stretch with slapd 2.4.44+dfsg-5+deb9u1).
2 of those 3 hosts were powered off for about 4 hours. After the bootup and slapd start,
the host which was running all the time during the downtime started to log:

    SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=53 nentries=0 text=consumer state is newer than provider!

Purging the accesslog database fixed the issue.

Could this have happened due to a timesync problem? We noticed, that right after boot,
the ntpd service was oscillating in its time offset from 0.0192 to 0.0003 for ~3 minutes.

Does somebody have experience with this?

Do we need to delay slapd or force an `ntpdate` before slapd starts in the boot process?
Because slapd has the following LSB headers in the init script

    # Required-Start:    $remote_fs $network $syslog

it is started (using systemd service file autogenerated from init.d script) right after
network.target has been reached and simultaneously with ntpd. Whereas slapd only takes
about 1 second to start, ntpd takes about 10 seconds and it might even take much longer
to get the time in sync.

Kind regards
Sven Mäder
IT Services Group
Physics Department, ETH Zurich