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Re: Dovecot can't connect to openldap over starttls

Am 2017-03-21 20:36, schrieb Dieter Klünter:
Am Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:16:49 +0100
schrieb info@gwarband.de:

Am 2017-03-20 16:18, schrieb Dan White:
On 03/20/17 16:06 +0100, info@gwarband.de wrote:
I don't have any idea how to set a higher debug level to dovecot.
In my opinion I have the highest. So I can't deliver a greater

I recommend consulting Dovecot's advice on how to run a debugger,
or dig
into the code which calls libldap.

There isn't too much to "debug" in Dovecot's TLS implementation,
it's not doing anything fancy asides from calling the

I am not sure what debugging you could try further.


This was the answer of the dovecot mailing list.
Maybe it would be possible that people from this mailinglist
communicate directly with the dovecot mailinglist to find the
soulution together and easier.

You may test and debug by means of OpenSSL s_client(1). The starttls
and protocol options might provide some insight.


I have found with the dovecot mailinglist the soulution.
It was a permission problem because dovecot can't access the *.crt with the rights of a subgroup.