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Re: synrepl error 69

--On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 2:17 PM +0100 Sami <s.aitalioulahcen@cnrst.ma> wrote:

Hello Openldap community,

I have an openldap syncrepl consumer that started producing this error:

Mar 15 11:52:47 ldap-replic.domain.local slapd[27770]: syncrepl_entry:
rid=xxx be_add uid=xxxxx,ou=myou,dc=domain,dc=xx failed (69)
Mar 15 11:52:47 ldap-replic.domain.local slapd[27770]: do_syncrepl:
rid=xxx rc 69 retrying

decimal 69 is hex 45.

Hex 45 is:


which is:

Indicates that the modify operation attempted to modify the structure rules of an object class.

Generally, it sounds like you're attempting to change the structural makeup of the object in question (say, changing from an "inetOrgPerson" to an "account" or similar action). It may also indicate that the schema between the master and replica do not match.

Hope that helps!



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