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unique values


while planning a data scheme update we found it handy to have a unique value for each entry.
short time later we found "entryUUID" :-)
But we are still unsure.Should we simply use entryUUID or should we extend our schema
to hold a new attribute similar to entryUUID.

so what are the pros and cons on using entryUUID for a second purpose?

  + entryUUID is implicit available for each and every entry
  + automatically generated
  + saved as part of our backup using slapcat

  - what happen on a complete disaster restore?
will the entryUUID values remain if we build a new server from a slapcat backup?

  - a separate but similar attribute has to be defined
is there a suggested schema? "grep -ri uuid /path/to/openldap-source/servers/slapd/schema/" did not disclose the definition of entryUUID. It's somehow defined in servers/slapd/schema_prep.c

- a separate but similar attribute has to be written while creating a new entry
    could that be automated somehow?

- what is 'NO-USER-MODIFICATION' in a schema definition and what are the implications
    if I define an attribute as NO-USER-MODIFICATION?

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on this?
A quick search in the list-archive didn't helped me to answer my questions.