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How correctly convert ldif dump size to mdb olcDbMaxSize value

Hi everybody,

I use simple OpenLDAP installation (two servers in mirror mode, something above 30000 leafs tree).
Some time ago I've migrated it to mdb backend.

The database dump in ldif weight about 300M.
Initially I've set olcDbMaxSize to 2147483648 bytes (2G).
Imported into directory it became about 450M data.mdb on node1 and after mirror synced — 1.5G replicated data.mdb on node2.
Why instances database sizes are so different?

Am I right guessing olcDbMaxSize is maximum size of data.mdb file?
And how should I, starting with present and perspective ldif dump size, count proper value of olcDbMaxSize?
For example, if I expect ldif dump may grow up to 500 M?