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Re: Long ldap session when ldap server failover

--On Friday, February 24, 2017 7:27 AM +0000 Huynh Phuoc Tai <fucai1116@yahoo.com> wrote:


I have an issue with long ldap session when ldap server failover.

[01/Dec/2016:11:40:01 +0100] conn=7187095 op=4 msgId=5 - UNBIND
[01/Dec/2016:11:40:01 +0100] conn=7187095 op=4 msgId=-1 - closing from - U1 - Connection closed by unbind client -
[01/Dec/2016:11:40:01 +0100] conn=7187095 op=-1 msgId=-1 - closed.

The openldap client didn't send UNBIND soon but sent after several
minutes. Could you suggest me any way forward to find the root cause?

Well, it shows that the LDAP client didn't unbind until after 5 minutes. We have no idea *what* that client is, only you do. What is "cn=ProxyUser,ou=proxyagent,ou=com,dc=jerarm,dc=roma,dc=te,dc=com"? Are you sure it's an *openldap* client or is it something else?



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