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Re: Logging with LDIF format style

--On Thursday, November 17, 2016 3:27 PM +0100 Sylvain <debian.roxx@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi !

Is there any way (overlay, script, patch, ...) to have OpenLDAP log with
LDIF format style for easier debugging ?

man slapo-accesslog ?

The Access Logging overlay can be used to record all accesses to a given backend database on another database. This allows all of the activity on a given database to be reviewed using arbitrary LDAP queries, instead of just logging to local flat text files. Configuration options are available for selecting a subset of operation types to log, and to automatically prune older log records from the logging database. Log records are stored with audit schema (see below)
      to assure their readability whether viewed as LDIF or in raw form.



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