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Re: libldap and libldap_r in the same process

Jan Engelhardt wrote:

On Sunday 2016-08-28 15:03, Howard Chu wrote:
* Should Linux distributions make libldap and libldap_r be the same thing?

I'm wary of doing that, but I suppose thread support on Linux today is a lot
more stable than it was 7-15 years ago.

The question really just is, will the openldap project combine ldap
and ldap_r, or do distributions have to copy the Debian-style solution?

The OpenLDAP Project will not make such a change in the 2.x release family. What distributions decide to do is up to them. There are still embedded devices that use libldap, and have no thread support. We have no reason to make it harder for them to build their own projects.

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