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Re: LDAP with MySQL Support and Radius

On 01/20/16 18:07 +0000, Alexandre Vilarinho wrote:
I'm trying to install LDAP wirh mysql support to authenticate users radius
account and I'm having problems finding documentation explaining how to do
it. Does any implemented an environment link I'm willing to do? It is
possible to share this documentation? Is there a step-by-step explaining
how to do it?

OpenLDAP supports sql authentication via ODBC and back-sql. See the
back-sql manpage, and sections 11.11 and 1.8 of the Administrator's guide
for an PostgreSQL example and discussion. I would not recommend it, unless
you have an entrenched environment and know what you're doing.

RADIUS, MySQL, and OpenLDAP are orthogonal. A RADIUS server, such as
FreeRADIUS can be configured to use MySQL or LDAP for its credentials

Dan White