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Re: LMBD questions (stat & copy)

Bruno Freudensprung wrote:
Hi Howard,

Thank you very much for your patient answers, and my apologies for my late reply.
The "reserved space" was indeed occupied by the FREE_DBI, thanks again for pointing this out for me.
Since I will have hundreds of envs (of unpredictable size) in my application,

Sounds like a misuse. For hundreds of tables you should be using individual named DBs within a single env. The point is to use a single env and not have to worry about hundreds of configuration details.

I am a bit reluctant in allocating too much space for all of them, and that's why I was trying to find a way emit a warning when room is about to lack. In this regard I think I have read something very promising in the docs: the mt_next_pgno field of the txn. It looks perfect. Do you think it would be safe to expose it in a read-only way?
In any case I will follow you advice and try to find a safe compromise for the map size.

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