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Re: pass-through authentication

On 12/30/15 18:29 -0600, Timothy Keith wrote:
I'm still having troubles with pass-through SASL on RHEL

testsaslauthd produces this message :
   0: NO "authentication failed"

Consult the cyrus sasl documentation, which for saslauthd is underneath the
saslauthd directory within the source, as well as the manpage.

With this in the system log :
         saslauthd logs reason=Unknown

When saslauthd is launched in verbose mode and followed
by testsaslauthd  it prints :

connect() : No such file or directory

When running in debug mode, verify you're including the exact options with
which saslauthd is normally running, with the -d option added. The mux
location compiled into testsaslauthd is not matching where the mux is
listening in this case, or the mux isn't listening.

On Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Timothy Keith <timothy.g.keith@gmail.com>

As per my ongoing LDAP SASL design question, can anyone recommend a good
tutorial for pass-through authentication ?

See section 14.5 of the Administrator's Guide, and read through the
documentation at cyrussasl.org.

Dan White