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Re: Authenticating clients

--On Thursday, December 24, 2015 4:35 PM -0500 bluethundr@gmail.com wrote:

Hey guys,

I've recently disabled anonymous binds and required TLS on my OpenLDAP
sever in order to log in.

Do you mean you disabled simple binds using anonymous auth? If so, then you'll have to configure an alternative method to bind, like SASL/EXTERNAL, etc.

Back when I was testing and anonymous binds were enabled and TLS was off
I could get LDAP accounts to login to the servers. And using a simple
tool like "authconfig-tui" under CentOS was all I needed to use to set
that up.

I believe that tool uses simple binds.

Where can I find the docs to configure a client server to allow LDAP
account logins with anonymous binds disabled and TLS required on the
OpenLDAP server?

My guess is you are confusing anonymous auth with anonymous binds.



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