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Re: Import/include schema file


I have fixed my issue.
I should use the host attribute and not 'cn' one because it is not defined in the schema I am using.

thanks so much for all of you ...
Best regards

2015-12-15 1:51 GMT-08:00 David Gabriel <davidgab283@gmail.com>:

Thanks for all of you for your help and precious support.
In fact, I am using this tuto and this forum discussion to add new schema. I fixed the previous issue I raised by setting the md5 password. So I refered to these two links.
I checked if the procedure was successful by this command ldapsearch -xLLL -D cn=admin,cn=config -W -b cn=config cn=*host* and result was Ok.

However, I am trying now to add one object with the new added type (host for instance) and I am using webmin tool but I am getting this error: Failed to create new object : LDAP add of cn=host1, dc=test,dc=com failed : attribute 'cn' not allowed.
Please note that when I miss one required attribute webmin tells me about its name so I think that it (webmin) well recongnizes my new schema (host).

I am looking for your help.
Thanks in advance.

2015-12-12 6:18 GMT-08:00 Brendan Kearney <bpk678@gmail.com>:
On 12/11/2015 11:50 AM, David Gabriel wrote:

I checked so many webseites, blogs and tutorials but I still have this issue when I use ldapadd command.
#ldapadd -H ldap:/// -D "cn=admin,cn=config" -x -w mypassword -f cn\=\{0\}host.ldif
adding new entry "cn=host,cn=schema,cn=config"
ldap_add: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80)
    additional info: olcAttributeTypes: Duplicate attributeType: ""

Let me highlight that this type does not exist in my /etc/ldap/schema directory !!
Please any help ...

Thanks in advance.

2015-12-11 11:46 GMT+01:00 David Gabriel <davidgab283@gmail.com>:

I am new to use OpenLdap and I want to import/include new .schema file into my OpenLdap database but I don't how.
Could you please point some useful links dealing with this issue or tell me how shall I proceede ?

Thanks in advance.

try this: