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Re: ldapmodify failing with large attribute

Geoff Swan wrote:
> I have a problem appearing where a large (16.6MB approx) value is to be
> saved to an attribute (certificateRevocationList).
> Prior to the value being this large, ldapmodify had no problems updating
> it. However it appears to have crossed some magic threshold where it
> will no longer be accepted, and aborts with: ldap_modify: Can't contact
> LDAP server (-1)

See slapd.conf(5):

    sockbuf_max_incoming <integer>
        Specify the maximum incoming LDAP PDU size for
        anonymous sessions.  The default is 262143.

    sockbuf_max_incoming_auth <integer>
        Specify the maximum incoming LDAP PDU size for authenticated sessions.
        The default is 4194303.

You probably want to increase sockbuf_max_incoming_auth to meet your needs.

Ciao, Michael.

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