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Re: Replacement for ldap_sort_entries

On 2015-06-24 16:19, Michael Ströder wrote:
Côme BERNIGAUD wrote:
I’m trying to get rid of the -DLDAP_DEPRECATED=1 option when building the
php-ldap module.
For other functions it went fine but the php function ldap_sort is using
ldap_sort_entries which is deprecated with no replacement.
As I can’t remove ldap_sort from PHP API, I need to find a way to replace this
function call if I want to get rid of deprecated calls.

How about reimplementing it in PHP?

Not sure if you mean in the PHP language or in the PHP binary. The first one is not possible if I’m not mistaking, the second one is indeed what I’d like to do but not sure how.

I need the API to stay exactly the same.
ldap_sort is called after the call to ldap_search and before the call to ldap_get_entries.
So it needs to work on the result themselves so that they are sorted when the next ldap accessing results function is called.
That’s why it needs to be done in the C code. And that’s why it needs access to the LDAPMessage struct which is internal to OpenLDAP as far as I understood things.


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