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Re: group email addresses

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 04:37:36PM -0400, Brendan Kearney wrote:

> i have done some reading, and it seems that no official standard
> exists for group email addresses.  to that end, i am looking to
> enlighten myself about what is done to provide mail addresses for
> groupOfNames groups.

Are you just trying to add a 'mail' attribute to the group entry,
or do you want the MTA (mail system) to use LDAP data to expand
the mailing list?

Adding the mail attribute is quite simple: define an AUXILIARY object
class that permits the attribute, add that to the group entries, and
you can then add the mail attribute.

Doing group-based mail expansion takes more work, and really depends
on what MTA you are using. You would need to configure the MTA to
recognise the groups as valid list-expansion targets. It would then
read the group and fetch the mail attribute from each member entry to
construct the list. If the MTA cannot do this two-stage process itself,
you could consider using the dynlist overlay in slapd to collect
the members' mail addresses into the group entry itself.

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