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Re: LDAP schema issue

On 01. juni 2015 12:20, Leander Schäfer wrote:
attributetype ( objectClassAccount:1.1
     NAME 'mailAddress'
     DESC 'The hosted mail addresses'
     EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
     SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch

Might be better to use an attribute name which indicates to
the user how this differs from the standard 'mail' attribute.

Also remember that you might someday import someone else's
schema which has also used such a generic name.  Therefore
a common practice is to prepend an acronym for your project
or organization to the names of your schema elements.

1. How can I achieve, that upper case will always and only be stored as lower

OpenLDAP won't do that.  You'll have to implement it either
on the client side or in an overlay.  You can use overlay
"constraint" to reject values with uppercase.

2. How do I achieve a validation check whether the value is actually a valid
email addres - very simple: user@domain.tld?

"constraint" or a private overlay again.  Beware that this
is extremely hairy to do with a regular expression, which is
what "constraint" supports.
Google(validate e-mail address regexp).