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Re: How to add a user with root permission?

The openldap server and the clients were installed following the
instructions here.


On the client, the configuration follows this.


I am just able to follow the configuration steps. But I don't quite
understand how NSS and PAM work. Could anybody point me the right
direction on how to figure out who and when login on the client
servers with authentication using a central openldap server?

>> Hi, I using openldap to manage users of a number of ubnutu servers.
>> But I don't find a way to give users root permission on these servers?
>> Could anybody show me how to do this with openldap? Thanks.
> You're not telling us which PAM/NSS software you're using. Some software (e.g.
> sssd) ignores LDAP user entries with uidNumber 0 for very good reasons.
> But this is rather off-topic here.