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Re: rfc2252 big integer

On 21/05/15 12:41, Raffael Sahli wrote:
Which syntax should I use if is not big
enough? "INTEGER" has no size limits.

OTOH there's a configurable limit to how big integers can usefully
indexed.  Integer indexes switch to a floating format for integers
that do not fit in around 2**30 (IIRC). If you have a bunch of integers
100000000000000000000 +/-10000 and want to search for them, you
need to increase index_intlen so they don't all get the same index key. (I don't see a kind of big integer)

Numeric String?  There are times when that makes sense, e.g. you can
use Substring search and substr index.  Or if you want to preserve
leading zeroes.  Typically for IDs which are really just strings
which may only contain digits.  Otherwise not.