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Re: How to add index for particular attribute in openldap 2.4.40


"index for entire object class" has no-sense.
"entire object class" is an abstract concept, a meta-model of data. You cannot search it in database.

see: http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/tuning.html#Indexes

For particular attribute use the directive in db section:

index    <attrnames>   pre,eq... (slapd.conf)

olcDbIndex <attrnames> pre,eq.. (slapd.d/)

There is an example of such configuration in slapd.conf(5), you may use it to startup.

Note: the index must be allowed in the schema to be activated


Le 15/05/2015 14:42, PRATIK SINGAL a écrit :

Can anyone help me on how to add index for entire object class and as
well as for the particular attribute of objectclass . Here am using
berkerly DB(bdb).

*Abdelhamid Meddeb*

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