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Re: Initial Replication is not working

--On Sunday, May 10, 2015 1:05 AM +0530 Gokulnath Arjunan <garjunan@travelguru.com> wrote:


I have setup replication on openldap. Ldap startup is fine but I am not
seeing it is getting replicated. Find the logs below. Please advice what
needs to be changed.

May 10 00:02:00 TGAPPSRV07 slapd[40811]: syncrepl_message_to_entry:
rid=001 mods check (objectClass: value #2 invalid per syntax)

May 10 00:02:00 TGAPPSRV07 slapd[40811]: do_syncrepl: rid=001 rc 21

Sounds like your schema don't match.

You also don't list your openldap version.



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