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Re: Need migrationhelp for because of bug in slapcat

Frank Offermanns wrote:
I am sorry that I confused you.
I hope this samples make thinks clear:

New Ldif Content:
"dn: cn=hghg,cn=InitialUser,ou=Users,o=caesar
cn: hghg
This is the content of my file. As you can see it is not encoded. Therefor
I can not be imported since ; : blanks,

carriage return etc are not masked   ..."

Ldif Content of older OpenLDAP version:
"dn: cn=Announcement_Name,cn=testuser,ou=Users,ou=DE,ou=mydom DE,ou=myComp
cn: Announcement_Name

: indicated no base64-encoding, :: indicates base64-encoding used.

This all looks correct. You simply have to correctly parse the LDIF output. Note that this has nothing to do with MIME even if it looks similar to you.

See RFC 2849 for the details. And use a decent LDIF parser for your favourite scripting language and not some home-grown bash/sed/awk/whatever scripts which fail for such a simple thing.

Ciao, Michael.

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