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[LMDB] Two API questions


during the implementation of my first project using LMDB I got two questions:

1. I wanted to write a small utility function that determines a rough
   estimation of the free space, using the mdb_env_stat, mdb_env_info and
   mdb_stat functions, summing up the block counts, multiplying it with the
   block size and putting this in relation to the map size. Typically I know
   which databases exist, but I wondered whether there would be a possibility
   to enumerate the existing databases and did not find anything. Is it
   correct that currently there is no way to get the names?

2. For one task, I needed to walk through a subset of the keys with a cursor
   and to delete key/value pairs that meet some criteria. From the
   documentation, it is unclear to me how to proceed after a deletion,
   i.e. which cursor operation should be used to access the next key/value pair.
   Both MDB_GET_CURRENT and MDB_NEXT seemed to work. Which one is preferred
   or the "officially" correct way? I guess MDB_NEXT.

Thanks a lot.