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LMDB usage on windows - to much memory needed


we would like to change our backend from hdb to mdb.

I did some initial tests and found out the following:
When setting maxsize to 1.4 GB, the size of the database on the file system is about 1.4 GB. I thought I read that the maxsize has nothing to do with the actual physical size needed. (If I have only 10 MB of data my database should be about 10 MB).
Even worse is the fact, that slapd.exe then needs about 1.5 GB virtual size memory.
And if I use 32 Bit slapd.exe the process will crash when reaching 2 GB virtual size. (as every 32 bit process will do)

Now my conclusion is, that the things described in the mdb paper are only valid for unix/linux, because windows uses another memory system. Is this correct? Or is there a way I haven't found to configure OpenLDAP on windows so that it does not need so much RAM.
The size on the disk does not matter for us, but since we use only 32 bit slapd.exe the RAM does matter.

Best regards,