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Re: slapcat command

On 2015.01.12 03.17, Eileen(=^ω^=) wrote:
Hi team!
     I face a question. When I use "slapcat -l filename.ldif ", the
output file will include the createTimestamp、modifyTimestamp、entrycsn
and entryUUID etc. These attributes will cause the output file can not
put back to the bdb database.

output generated with slapcat is complete [subject to filtering done with -H uri], comprehensive data, intended for use with slapadd, so a directory/database can be completely reconstructed.

making some assumptions, i guess you're trying to take data generated with slapcat and feed it into ldapadd/ldapmodify?

preferably, generate your source data with ldapsearch. other less desirable alternatives include possibly constructing an uri to use with slapcat -H, or using some external program to post process the data.