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Re: keepalive parameter setting in openldap for consumer doesnot work

--On Thursday, August 28, 2014 11:09 AM +0530 pramod kulkarni <pammu.kulkarni@gmail.com> wrote:

I unplugged network cable of provider,added new users but it never
with the consumer.Consumer never sends the keepalive signals

I am using 2.4.39 version of Openldap on windows machine

Can you please tell me do I need to make any changes on consumer side or
provider ?

The "keepalive" settings only work on OSes that support them. Windows is not one of those OSes. If you wish to fix the "problem", I suggest uninstalling windows and installing linux.

From ldap.h:

* OpenLDAP per connection tcp-keepalive settings
* (Linux only, ignored where unsupported)



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