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Antw: Q: querying accesslog with reqStart>=partial time spec

>>> Ulrich Windl schrieb am 18.08.2014 um 11:53 in Nachricht <53F1CD10.741 : 161 :
> Hi!
> Can anybody explain when openLDAP with bdb succeeds on a filter like 
>(reqStart>=X) on accesslog?
> When I use "(reqStart>=2014080100)" I get "no match", but when I use 
>"(reqStart>=20140801000)" I get the expected matches.
> (And I don't get any match when just using "reqStart>=20140801)")
> I see no log messages on the server's syslog...

Sorry, I was telling nonsense (my program just dropped the longer stings) due to a bad regex match. It seems I must specify the full legth date specification (20140811073600.000000Z)

> Regards,
> Ulrich